Principal Technical Writer

I have been a technical writer since 1992, and have created documentation as a sole writer, publications manager, and a team member.  I have also worked as a programmer creating scripts, databases, and web applications.

As a technical writer, I have created templates and style guides, writing practices, and all manner of internal and customer-visible documentation, including user's guides, programmer's guides and API manuals, technical software specifications, white papers, and online help. I have written and maintained processor specifications, development and manufacturing guides, and detailed release notes. Additionally, I have provided editorial support and creative work for marketing groups, including articles, presentations, illustrations, web pages, customer letters, tradeshow flyers, and posters and other sales collateral.

As a programmer I have created database back ends and front ends as well as entire secure web applications. I have created applications with C, PHP, Perl, shell scripts, and SQL. I have written sample code in C, C++, Java, and SQL. In addition, I am familiar with software methodologies as well as productization, internationalization, and other project management activities. I regularly contribute time and effort to the open-source software community. I created one of the first corporate web sites in 1994.

As a manager, I have been responsible for documentation plans, proposals, budgets, and schedules. I have found during my career that writers straddle the boundaries of mutliple working groups, and I have often taken the lead in inter-group communications, particularly between marketing and engineering organizations. At Transmeta I taught a class annually introducing engineers to various aspects of technical writing as well as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, and Adobe FrameMaker and Acrobat.

I am currently working as a Senior Technical Writer and Developer's Advocate with MontaVista Software, helping to maintain the active Meld embedded Linux developer community. I also blog independently, regularly speak at open-source conferences, and write technical articles (and some that are less technical). I am working on a book about the Beagle Board to be published in the first half of 2011.


My work history and recommendations are available through LinkedIn. My old-school paper resume is available in PDF.


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Jeffrey Osier-Mixon
Principal Technical Writer
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